What is the problem

Patients with serious illness suffer from significant symptoms, decreases in functional status, and worsening quality of life. Digital Health Technologies, including automated text messaging and remote step count monitoring, offer ample opportunity to collect PGHD directly from the patient. How can innovation in health technology be leveraged to improve patient care?

What are we doing

PROStep was a clinical trial that analyzed patient perceptions of their oncology team’s understanding of their symptoms and functional status. PROStep utilized digital health technologies, including automated PRO collection via text message and wearable accelerometer, to create individualized patient dashboards that were given to their oncology clinicians at each appointment. PROStep ended in December 2021 and results are in analysis.


Digital Health Technologies are constantly evolving. PROStep will potentially inform the ability of digital health technology to collect PGHD to create a fuller picture of the patient course of illness, ultimately improving patient care. These findings will inform future research, specifically a larger scale randomized controlled trial of digital health-based collection of PGHD in supporting cancer care delivery.