Ravi is the Director of the HACLab. He leads a portfolio in human-algorithm collaboration spanning areas like cancer care, cancer screening, end-of-life care, and readmissions reduction. He enjoys tennis, podcasts, and running (after his kids).

Ravi B. Parikh, MD, MPP, FACP


Will is the HACLab’s Project Manager.  In addition to lab oversight, Will leads the PGHD and predictive analytics portfolios. He enjoys exploring Philly’s food scene and listening to podcasts.

William J. Ferrell, MPH

Research Project Manager

Caleb is a Research Project Manager. He manages ethical regulation and scientific procedures of technology-driven cancer survivorship and end-of-life care research projects. In his spare time, he's a coffee and culinary enthusiast.

Caleb M. Hearn, MPH

Research Project Manager

Emily is the HACLab’s Data Scientist. In addition to wrangling data, Emily performs statistical and predictive analyses. She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, hiking national parks, and trying new restaurants.

Emily Schriver, MS

Data Scientist

Likhitha is a graduate student in Biostatistics interested in optimizing medical algorithms to make them more equitable and reliable. Outside of the lab, she enjoys photography, kickboxing, and baking.

Likhitha Kolla

MD/PhD Student

Jenna is a Clinical Research Coordinator in the HACLab specializing in qualitative methods. Much of her work is focused on expanding access to palliative care. She enjoys long walks and short runs.

Jenna Steckel, MSW

Clinical Research Coordinator

Matt Guido is a Project Manager at HACLab supporting two projects using AI/ML to improve MA risk-adjustment methodology and boost cancer clinical trial eligibility screening. Outside the lab, he enjoys long-distance running, iced coffee and podcasts.  

Matt Guido, B.S.

Project Manager

Anthony is a Statistical Analyst in HEDAP. He is interested in statistical and ML methods for public health research. He is a big film, music and sports fan, and enjoys playing tennis, reading and taking care of his house plants.

Anthony Girard, ScM

Statistical Analyst

Yang is a Statistical Analyst at HEDAP interested in data analysis for clinical trials and utilization of medical services. Outside of lab, she likes drawing, painting, hiking in national parks, and discovering new restaurants.

Yang Li

Statistical Analyst

Vanessa is an Administrative Coordinator in the HACLab that directly supports Dr. Parikh. She is a mother of two boys and enjoys spending quality time with them and watching them run, grow and explore!

Vanessa Barrett-Pearsall, AA

Administrative Coordinator


Tej is an undergraduate student in the Penn Life Sciences & Management program. His research focuses on oncologic disparities, healthcare delivery, and end-of-life care. He enjoys basketball, volleyball, and playing guitar.

Tej Patel

Xavier is a primary care doctor on the Navajo Nation. His research interests include the application of statistics and computer science to medicine. He enjoys long distance running and hiking.

Xavier Orcutt

Eric is a fourth-year medical student applying into General Surgery. He is interested in studying the applications of biometric data in improving the quality of health care in a diversity of settings. In his free time he enjoys running and trying out new recipes.

Eric Li

John is a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include artificial intelligence, pricing reform, access to care, and health disparities. He enjoys playing table tennis, drawing maps, and exploring the city in his free time

John Lin

​​​​​​​Vinny Ahluwalia is an MD-MSHP dual-degree student at the Perelman School of Medicine interested in machine learning algorithms to improve healthcare delivery and decrease costs. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys following politics.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vinny Ahluwalia

Jessica is a second year medical student at the Perelman School of Medicine. She is interested in health equity and expanding access to care. She enjoys staying active by practicing yoga and jogging. 

Jessica Ferber

Martin is a medical student at the Perelman School of Medicine. He is interested in how changes in the approval process for oncology drugs affect patients. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and taking care of his houseplants. 

Martin Kurian

Bhav is a medical student at Stanford University. His research spans global health, social determinants of health, and value-based care delivery. In his free time, Bhav loves cooking, playing tennis, running, and dancing Bhangra, a traditional South Asian folk dance.

Bhav Jain


  • John Lin, MD, Assistant Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Jeffrey Shevach, MD, Assistant Professor, Duke University
  • Kara Berwanger, MRA, Compliance Specialist, Good Molecules
  • Mallika Marar, Resident, Radiation Oncology, Stanford Medicine
  • George Maliha, Resident, Internal Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Jonathan Wakim, MD/MBA student, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jill Schnall Hasler, Assistant Research Professor, Fox-Chase Cancer Center
  • Manqing Liu, PhD student in Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health